Welcome to the most beautiful village on Zakynthos Island. Anafonitria is located in the western region of the island – close to the lookout tower over Shipwreck Beach on the West Coast of Zakynthos. With charming old houses, white washed walls and local stores selling their products on the streets – Anafonitria gives you a real taste for untouched Greece.


The name of Anafonitria has a really unique story behind it. They say that during the fall of Constantinople a cargo ship sunk off the coast of Zakynthos. The locals found the icon of the Madonna bearing her child among the rocks and built a church, and then built the monastery on the spot.


It was said that the icon was emitting a flickering light, as if it was crying out to be found. From this Anafonitria, meaning ‘she who cries out’, takes its name.

The Monastery of the Madonna of Anafonitria was built during the 15th century and represents one of just eight monasteries on the Island to have survived the earthquake of 1953. The interior of the church at the monastery is still home to the old icon screen which has darkened over time. The Monastery of Anafonitria has special importance within Zakynthos because it was here that the patron saint of the island, Saint Dionysios, served as an abbot. In fact, it was within the walls of this monastery that he sheltered his brother’s murder and helped him to escape the wrath of his family.


The beautiful old monastery, charming little settlement, and stunning nearby lookout tower over Shipwreck Bay make this a must see location for all our Guests.